Photoshop – Rounded Corners

Hello, this tutorial will try to explain how to get rounded corners in Photoshop, I am working with Photoshop CS1.
Open up a new document, the proportions don’t really matter but I have made it 300x300px, it is not so important, but I set my background to white.

Here is where we face a split road: do we want to have a simple rounded corners box? What if we want some oddly shaped box with rounded corners? If you want the former, I would suggest simply using the rounded rectangle tool.

If you want the latter, look no further. We will start by making a new layer (Ctrl-Shift-N / Layer > New > Layer…)

Grab the rectangular marquee tool and make the desired selection on your canvas.

Rectangular Marquee

Now, head into the Channels tab, and click the icon at the bottom that looks like a white circle inside a dark square.

Deselect the selection (Ctrl-D). You should be presented with a white fill where your selection was. This is good. Now, go Gaussian Blur (Filters > Blur > Gausian Blur) with any desired amount: the higher this amount is, the more rounded the corners will be. I chose 5.

Gaussian Blur

Now, it’s time to open the Levels box (Ctrl-L). Start slowly dragging the black and white arrows in the upper bar until you have a look you are pleased with. I finished with: 110 . 0 . 150.


We aren’t quite finished yet. Hold down Ctrl and click the “Alpha 1” layer in the Channels tab. This will load the selection. Go back into layers, make a new layer, then delete the original layer one: we don’t need this. You can now fill in this new layer with whatever you want.

But wait, what if we want to add a picture? No problem, find the picture you want, and paste it into the document, drag it above the layer with the rounded box, and press Ctrl-G: This creates a clipping mask, that means that the image will only show where the bottom image exists.


I got that image by searching image on Google Images, if you wanted it…

If this tutorial is not clear, please say, and it will be updated!


~ by Tom Smith on January 1, 2007.

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