Photoshop – Movie Marker

Image is 1.04MB, users with a slow collection are warned.


~ by Tom Smith on January 23, 2007.

13 Responses to “Photoshop – Movie Marker”

  1. nice m8 🙂

  2. Hi. . . .
    I was looking for new tutorials for Photo Shop and found your page.
    I think it`s great. I have already rebuild some of it.

    I like to tinker myself a bit and I also like to write tutorials with “PS” and I am also working in a German forum.

    Now I have a question;
    May I use some of your tutorials for our forum and translate them into German, so our members can profit from your ideas?

    Of course, we will name you as the original source of the tutorial.

    I regret to tell you, that our forum is for members only and you will not be able to have a look around.

  3. Hi, as long as you link back here, I guess it would be ok. 🙂

  4. Hello Tom
    Thank you verry much. And i link back to your side 🙂

  5. Very Goooooooooood
    Thanks alot

  6. You’re welcome, thanks for reading.

  7. Very Goooooooooood
    Thanks alot

  8. Nice tutorial, I’m, going to try it.
    One question though, shouldn’t it say connection, not collection.
    In the top sentence.

  9. WoooW! no entiendo un pooomoo!! jajajaja

  10. jador

  11. donne moui mon programe sur e-mail:

  12. mivan szopjatok ki!!!! bazzhatnékom van

  13. hey nice tutorial
    But I am having troubles on draging and moving the gradient to the top left corner. The Layer is unlocked and I am using the move tool. Every time I try to move it, It would just pop right back to its orginal place x.X

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